About Us

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice strategic investment partner in Africa.


A dedicated support-oriented organization offering a unique, passionate and professional equity provider and investment partner with the highest level of integrity.

Roles and Objectives
  • Invest in strategic and specialized high growth sectors across the continent;
  • Act as lead financial arrangers on all potential mandated deals in Africa that fits within the requirements of our basket;
  • Raise bridging debt for potential projects and assist in re-lization and mergers & acquisition (M&A);
  • Advice on the social, economical and political conditions and risk ratio on each targeted project;
  • Financial structuring and modeling;
  • Undertake necessary project studies and research;
  • Undertake specific project and sector social assessments and studies;
  • Enhance capacity building and strategic policy formulation;
  • Ensure cost and budget control; and
  • Bring unique experience and skills through involvement at senior management,board and technical advisory levels at our portfolio companies.