Our Portfolio

Our Transaction Process

We work on our targets through each crucial juncture of engagement to closing thus: Engagement

  • Opportunity assessment and established timeline
  • Confidential and accurate valuations of commercial whole loans
  • Due diligence expertise for maximum pricing
  • Independent and unbiased investment decisions.
  • Insight into current financial market conditions
  • Establishing the . structuring costs and interests
  • Bid solicitation, qualification and analysis
  • Work closely with seller/sponsor and investor/financier during disposition
  • Confidential and discreet handling of deals
  • Administration and coordination of negotiation and smooth transition of ownership and transactions
  • Ensure maximum value with minimum resource requirements from client
Business Principle

Alindo International’s Business Principles are implemented through its Environmental and Social Management  System (ESMS), which intersects with all of the critical points in the investment.

All our investment executives have received extensive training in environmental and social issues in investment.

They are encouraged to move from a ‘do no harm’ approach to environmental, social and health and safety issues to a value addition approach, where company value is augmented through pro- active solutions to these issues

  • Marketing strategy, materials and execution
  • Sale structure and offer solicitation
  • Clear concise communication and reliable information
  • Prospecting and buyer/seller contact
  • Liaison between promoter/sponsor and potential private equity partner investor financier
Our Rationale
  • Local market presence and local decisions
  • Experienced teams operating to same global best practice standards
  • Currently negotiating with global recognized institutional shareholders
Critical Principle

Alindo International  plays a critical role in which govern how  Alindo International does business:

  1. Openness and honesty in all dealings, with respect for commercial and personal Confidentiality;
  2. Objectivity, consistency and fairness in the treatment of all shareholders;
  3. Good COMPANY citizenship + integrity in all dealings with investees + communities;
  4. Respect for the dignity and well-being of all internal and external stakeholders;
  5. Respect for the environmental and social . of host countries and commitment to sustainable business practices;
  6. Professional operation in a performance orientated culture, and commitment to continuous improvement
Business Model

Regional funds and operation

  • Optimised asset allocation
  • Cross fertilization of ideas and lessons
  • Human utilisation
  • Currency and country risk management
  • Operational efficiency

Optimal Funds Structure

  • Widely used and accepted standard
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Optimal cash management
  • Clearly defined manager and investor roles

Strong Local Funds Presence

  • Local decision making
  • Increased deal sourcing, networking and capacity
  • Continuous client relationships Proactive portfolio management and value addition.
  • Catalyst for robust markets